Impact of DataToCare

DataToCare is a software solution that enables connected diagnosis. DataToCare is currently deployed in over 650 laboratories across Africa and South-East Asia. This page provides information on where and how DataToCare is improving health outcomes.

DataToCare saved more than 1200 lives

DataToCare is used for the connectivity of diagnosis laboratories. Every day diagnosis results from tuberculosis patients are automatically collected from test machines and sent into national databases; patients and healthcare staff receive an instant result notification; summary dashboards are provided to the public health coordinators to review the effort across the whole territory.

Based, among others, on the impact assessment made in the Philippines, DataToCare increases the number of harvested tests and reduces the time to initiate a treatment : overall, DataToCare saves one life every day !
Since its creation, DataToCare saved more than 1200 lives.

DataToCare around the World

DataToCare is in use in Africa and South-East Asia. Check out different countries and laboratories with the following interactive map.

A truly impacting tool in healthcare

DataToCare contributes to increasing the correctness and completeness of data, while materializing also tangible improvements in the operational effectiveness of the staff on duty.

From a quantitative viewpoint, DataToCare can be shown to increase the quantity of transmitted test results, and to reduce the time between the diagnosis and the onset of the treatment : these two measurable impacts can be combined with the known epidemiological indicators referring to the disease (with a specific look on tuberculosis, which is the leading context in which the platform is used).

The data show that DataToCare currently contributes to saving one life every day, and has resulted in a financial sparing superior to 3 million USD since its first deployments in 2016.